Scanning and printing in the library

There's a new computer on the first floor for your use!

There’s a new computer on the first floor for your use!

In our efforts to continue making the library a functional and useful place for you to visit, we have added another computer in the main floor lounge for your use, starting today.  Need to scan and print a document or quickly print out an assignment on the way to class?  You can (miracle of miracles) do this all on the first floor.  The scanner features a touch-screen monitor and pretty smart software that will rotate and split pages for you.  The printer is new (and faster!), and connected to both computers in the lounge in addition to two more computers upstairs.

Take a look at the other offerings in the lounge when you visit.  We subscribe to all your the major instrument and voice magazines and have begun a small recreational reading collection for you too (perfect as the semester winds down and you have a little more time on your hands!).


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